Notebook Samsung SF410 review

Individual style of each person depends on what things he surrounds himself. Notebooks Samsung SF410 created to amaze impeccable style and attract goggles.


Samsung has decided to give your laptop an unusual shape. Series Samsung SF - is a laptop with a wavy silhouette. When the device is left thin and light enough to accompany his master everywhere. Unusual contour added chrome accents: a stylish keyboard and touchpad area. The cover is white and glossy. Some users just think that it is easily damaged.

Housing Samsung SF410 has a special coating that protects this elegant computer from scratches. From prints, unfortunately, this coating will not save: it a couple of minutes will cover the laptop cover. On the laptop side faces plenty of room for ports and connectors.

There is a standard audio jack for connecting a microphone and headphone, HDMI and VGA (they will make it possible to connect an external monitor), a card reader for reading memory card types and 3 port USB 2.0. With regard to Internet and data transmission, you can use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or a network module, LAN (for wired internet). Built-in camera and microphone are ideal for video calls on Skype.

Samsung SF410: Picture and sound

Samsung SF410 - 14-inch compact PC. In the line of SF manufacturers have provided the 15-inch (SF510) and 13.3-inch (SF310) series. In all models use the same attractive design. The notebook Samsung SF410 (NP-SF410-S01), which we considered during this review was written, has a 14-inch screen with 1366 ? 768 pixels and glossy surface.

It has a LED backlight, which on the one hand ensures the uniform brightness, the other - saves battery power. Glossy screen surprises excellent contrast and brightness. Gloss always allows to make the picture clearer, contrast and saturation. In this case, the screen completely protected from glare: to work on a sunny day on the street have to look for a place in the shade.

Laptop Speakers - a system of High Definition Audio - two stereo speakers. Sound is loud and high quality. The laptop used by the effects of SRS Premium Sound: the sound becomes clearer and more realistic. The columns support the technology of three-dimensional sound, so during a computer game, you’ll be literally surrounded by sound. The effect of presence is guaranteed.

The keyboard and touchpad

Diagonal of 14 inches was enough to accommodate full-size keyboard, but a separate numeric keypad, space no longer exists. The keyboard is isolated, in the best traditions of VAIO notebooks, and Apple.

Samsung SF410 keyboard

It’s nice that full-length made not only all the letter keys, but the arrow and command keys. The distance between the keys easy to use, problems with blind typing does not arise.

The touchpad is surrounded by a thin chrome surround. With this finger does not slip out of the touch area. Samsung has decided to abandon the conventional control keys: their role is the lower part of the touchpad, delimited by a thin line. Sensory area does not support multitouch, but it is easy to handle with vertical scrolling and all the simple gestures.


The laptop, which we have considered, installed capacity of 5600 mAh battery, which will last for 3-4 hours battery life. On the official Samsung website states that produce and modify with extended battery which can operate up to 7 hours without recharging. It is clear that this laptop will cost more.

Manufacturers have equipped with the device and the system fast charging laptop. On the assurances of manufacturers Samsung Express Charging Mode (so called this system) allows for 2-3 hours to charge the battery is increased to 100%.

Performance and Capacity

Inside the notebook Samsung SF410 (NP-SF410-S01) mounted processor Intel Core i5 clocked at 2.53 GHz. This modern processor features proprietary technology Turbo Boost from Intel. When you work with very complex programs (such as running computer games), CPU clock speed can reach 2.8 GHz.

Complements the picture 4 GB of RAM type DDR3. Is the maximum amount that can be installed in this laptop: the ability to expand is not provided. However, and this will be enough to run many modern games, not to mention the standard user programs.

The hard disk in this model - 500 GB. This is a very wise decision, considering that the laptop will be used as a media. His boss probably wants to keep on your laptop your favorite movies, games, music - Samsung has provided for him this opportunity.

As for the video card, then into the laptop Samsung SF410 two - Intel GMA HD + nVidia GeForce 310M (integrated + discrete). The video card supports NVidia Optimus: laptop will automatically switch between the video cards, choosing one that is more suitable for each specific task. Discrete graphics card this laptop can be attributed to a low level. It is suitable for games at medium or low settings. So if you’re a gamer, should think about choosing another laptop. But for most standard tasks, including non-professional graphics, this notebook will suffice.

Communication modules will enable laptop users to go online anywhere in the world. High-quality screen and sound, perfect for watching movies.


Samsung SF410 - is, first of all, an impressive trendy design. But it has a drawback - the glossy surface quickly covered with fingerprints. A good screen and sound will please fans of the film pass the evening. By working with the gaming laptop is ready only in part: use the medium and low settings.

Samsung SF410

Compact notebook case is easy enough for its size, but not suitable for long journeys: in standard laptop equipped with a not too powerful battery. Given the compact size of the laptop it will be a suitable option for those looking not too big nor too small computer with a good (but not gaming) performance.