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Do you think there is any difference for the brain how exactly do you read a book. At high speed, for fun, or analyzing and outlining. The difference is not just there, it is enormous. Researchers from Stanford University asked a group of PhDs in literature read a Jane Austen novel, while inside magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). And in different ways. First, they read "just so", and then they were asked to focus on the analysis of the text, as if they will need to do the report at a scientific conference. Discovered that analytical, detailed reading requires some complex cognitive functions, which is usually not involved. When switching from reading a "for fun" to "analytical" reading is a sharp change of the types of nervous activity of the brain and the nature of blood circulation in the brain. Of course, if you prefer to read fiction for pleasure, that's good. In any case you will benefit from the process. But when the goal is to force the brain to work at maximum – should include analysis of the text.

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